Created by Martheus Antone Wade for the Jetta Tales of the Toshigawa series of graphic novels, Turra is the beautiful, tough-as-nails, ninja bounty hunter who has become the breakout star of the series of books. Her popularity prompted MAW Productions to create her own spin-off graphic novel titled Turra: Gun Angel and the book has been on the rise ever since. Now, with a live action short in the works produced by Marshal Pictures, old and new readers are going to be able to find out more about the "Gun Angel".

Name: Turra Shibata
Alter Ego: NONE
Occupation: Ninja Warrior
Marital Status: SINGLE
Known Relatives: Master Gaudient (father), Kim Shibata (brother)
Group Affiliation(s): The Toshigawa Clan
Base of Operations: Japan / USA
Height: 5’7’’ Weight: 130 lbs
Eyes: Brown
Hair: White
First Appearance: Jetta: Revenge (Comic strip in Dateline Memphis 1999)

Revealed Background: Turra Shibata is a ninja of the Toshigawa Ninja Clan and is considered the “black sheep” of the Shibata family. To the TOSHIGAWA COUNCIL OF ELDERS, Turra was a wildcard. She is the oldest of the three main ninja of the clan (Shianndrea, Kim, and herself) and used that to her advantage. Her father was very disappointed in the lack of attention she paid to the rules. Gaudient always saw much potential in his daughter. However, the loss of his wife, the fear in losing his children and the guilt he felt over the near destruction of the Toshigawa resulted in an overbearing and bitter man. This caused many heated arguments between them which fueled her defiance of his teachings.

Shortly after she moved to America with Shianndrea and her father, Turra struck out on her own after continuing disagreements with Gaudient over his harsh teachings and overbearing demeanor. On her own, she became a freelance bounty hunter earning money by taking on bounties assigned to her by the mysterious Mr. G. However, she secretly hated leaving her best friend behind and longed for acceptance by her father. After three years on her own, Turra was pulled back into the heart of the Toshigawa Ninja and found herself back in Japan trying to hunt down survivors of her lost clan. With her boyfriend, Cyan and the streetwise kickboxer named Cat, Turra embarked on a journey of revenge and redemption!

Powers and Weapons: Turra has no special powers. However, she is a deadly warrior and her skill with a katana is unmatched. It has earned her the title of “Women’s Champion” in the sparring ring. Her carefree charm and attractive allure hides the fact that TURRA WILL KILL YOU! And she will do it with a smile. What makes Turra most dangerous is her defiance of the rules. She will “cheat” in a fight without hesitation. She even carries two silver USP guns as her primary weapons instead of a katana.

Romance: She has an on-again off-again relationship with Cyan which is almost purely physical. However, deep down, she has the burning desire to be only with him. This fact is something that she keeps deeply hidden. Or so she thinks. Cyan is quick to push just the right buttons in order for her to lose her cool and reveal her true feelings much to her dismay.

Weaknesses: Turra’s strength is her weakness. She is so confident, that she will leap first and ask questions later. She is very “flashy” and loves to be seen while kicking butt. However, her friendships are everything to her and she would willingly sacrifice herself to make sure they lived.

Idiosyncrasies: Turra mocks Shianndrea for her breasts size. Since the two friends started “developing”, Turra has nick-named Shianndrea B.B., meaning “Balloon Bod”.

Behind the Scenes: Turra was first developed to be the anti-Jetta. She was to be a bad girl who had all the same powers as Jetta but was an evil operative for the Knave Army. Because her clothes and hair are white (which is the opposite of Jetta’s ninja outfit), she was supposed to have a strikingly different look from her good doppelganger. Even her name was the second half of the word “JETTATURA” (the woman’s evil eye). However, once I entertained the idea that she could be a good guy, a wealth of story possibilities were instantly thought of. I quickly decided to make her part of the good guys. I’m glad I did!!

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