TURRA: GUN ANGEL: From Graphic Novel to Live Action
MAW Productions, and Marshal Pictures, premiere their Martial Arts Short, Turra: Gun Angel; a movie based on the graphic novel by Martheus Wade. Also, see sneak previews to some of their new projects in comics and movies followed by a Q&A session with comic creator, Martheus Wade, Director, Gregory Gray, and Turra star, Rachel Alig!

Turra Opening Scene

The day finally arrived. Turra: Gun Angel took flight in front of the camera on August 3 and 4th and the footage looks great.

We want to take this moment to thank every donor, every supporter, every single person who helped us make this past weekend a success. Shooting this weekend was exciting, adventurous, and very fun. Without Team Turra behind us, none of this would have been possible. But don't think the Turra ride ends here, folks. We will be packaging up incentives this week and shipping them. As well, Marshal Pictures will be editing and prepping the scene for release! Be on the lookout for that one!! We still need the excitement and enthusiasm that you brought to this project when the release of the short hits the web in order to turn heads for phase 2... FEATURE PRODUCTION. With that said, tell everyone you know about the awesomeness of Turra: Gun Angel. We will need everyone to spread the word! Thanks guys! There is more to come!

If you were able to attend, you saw the highlights take place. However, if you missed it, here are a few shots from both days of shooting.


From the set, Minglewood Hall, Memphis, TN


From the set, Minglewood Hall, Memphis, TN


From the set, Minglewood Hall, Memphis, TN


From the set, Minglewood Hall, Memphis, TN


From the set, Minglewood Hall, Memphis, TN


The Tower Center, Memphis TN


The Tower Center, Memphis TN

Turra Thank Yous



With your help, we have made over $11,000 to make our Turra: Gun Angel short!! THANK YOU to everyone who donated, referred, liked, and well-wished this campaign.

Martheus Wade, Rachel Alig and Gregory Gray are blown away by the support for this project!

We now start pre-production in earnest to make this opening scene shoot as good as it can possibly be. We look forward to seeing many of you there. Dates, times and locations for the shoot will be going out ASAP.

We will also be getting out the first part of the incentive perks in the next few weeks.

Don't think that this page is going to lay dormant either! We will be updating everyone on the production of the film as well as providing web comics to get you familiar with the Turra character before the camera's roll! Checkout our Q&A session with series creator, Martheus Wade, Director/Producer, Gregory Gray and Turra star, Rachel Alig!

Again, THANK YOU for all of your support!





About the Movie

Turra has left her life as a ninja assassin in Japan to work as a bounty hunter in America.

Life is good until the Japanese Mafia offer her a job she can't refuse: to kill a renegade Yakuza lieutenant who has been ruthlessly taking over the syndicate's American operations. Turra's desire for a happier life is shattered as she's drawn into the middle of a Yakuza Civil War!

For more information on the opening scene, email marshalpicturestheater@gmail.com

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Turra GA P02


We are proud to present this sneak peak into what we have planned for this awesome opening sequence for Turra. Check out the finished artwork (at left) for page two of the Turra: Gun Angel opening sequence! Illustrated and digitally painted by series creator, Martheus Wade, this page shows Turra Shibata as she enters a club and takes center stage as she sets her sights on her prey. You can get this entire 12 page comic digitally along with a thank you on TurraGunAngel.com (with a $5.00 donation). Or you can get this book in hard copy autographed by Martheus Wade with a Turra Gun Angel shirt, Exclusive Turra: Gun Angel Promotional DVD signed by star, Rachel Alig, a copy of the opening scene script signed by director, Greg Gray and a special thank you in the credits and on IMDB (with a 100.00 donation)! We will be posting more sneak preview artwork and behind the scenes footage in the weeks to come!

For more information on the opening scene, email marshalpicturestheater@gmail.com

Help us make this movie a reality!
Watch our video and join Team Turra at our indiegogo campaign!